Who We Are:

Florida Hospital Laboratories

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Florida Hospital is an acute-care, not-for-profit health care organization, with eight distinct campus locations in a fast-growing, tri-county area of Central Florida. Our hospital system is part of a larger, comprehensive network of 17 hospitals in the Florida Adventist Health System and is distinguished as the main flagship facility of the entire Adventist Health System.

As the Outreach Laboratory Service of Florida Hospital, Florida Hospital Laboratories (FHL) was established in 1984 to expressly meet the laboratory needs of the surrounding community and hospital affiliates. For FHL, providing laboratory services to patients and clinicians outside the hospital walls is the natural extension of our hospital mission; “To Extend the Healing Ministry of Christ”. FHL is proud to be a part of Florida Hospital and provide the clinical and technical excellence necessary to care for the whole person.

FHL’s commitment to whole patient care is demonstrated in our extensive test menu, state of the art instrumentation, and a team of experts made up of highly qualified technologists, clinical scientists, and pathologists. Each individual is dedicated to providing a lifetime of care and service to our community and physician clients. The FHL patient care continuum extends to patients in physician offices, nursing homes, other hospital systems, urgent care and surgical centers.




Creation Health

Our commitment to holistic health and compassionate care can best be described through the acronym CREATION Health. CREATION Health unites our Christian ideals with the expression of our ministry through health care.

  • Choice is the first step toward improved health
  • Rest is a good night’s sleep and relaxing
  • Environment lies outside our bodies yet affects what takes place inside
  • Activity includes stretching, muscle development and aerobic activity
  • Trust in God is the important relationship between spirituality and healing
  • Interpersonal relationships nurture our well-being
  • Outlook colors our perspective, influences our health and impacts progression of disease
  • Nutrition fuels our whole system

As an integral part of Florida Hospital, FHL is dedicated to providing high quality, cost-effective laboratory services to the community. Through our treatment of the whole person, FHL is proud to be Your Lab for Life.